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Skilled and years of experience in the pool industry, our experts are ready to give your pool a makeover.

Pool Renovations

Pool renovations is what we specialise in as we have been renovating for over 20 years. We are capable of undertaking any job, don’t worry about the age of the pool as we can refurbish them to look brand new.


  • Empty pool
  • Check integrity of pool
  • Remove tiles
  • Cut out existing interior (parts that have delaminated from pool shell)
  • Apply new water line tiles for a fresh look
  • Preparation skim coat over entire pool.
  • Spray and trowel on new pebble or glass interior. (Pebble mix comes in a many different colours and glass beads, which gives you a fantastic finish and provides great contrast with a tiled waterline.
  • Pressure wash to expose the pebble/glass beads.

*Fully tiled is a different process.

Pool Resurfacing

Pebble/glass bead or tiles are the materials we use to resurface a pool. All have their own benefits and look great. Many different colours to suit the individuals taste.

Pool Cleaning

We offer a variety of cleaning services for your pool ie. Pressure clean, acid wash, chlorine paste etc. All are designed to clean and freshen up your interior, whilst preserving the life of your pool.

Pool Coping

Coping pavers edging the pool come in many different materials, some of our favourites are bluestone, travertine and sandstone. We can assist you in choosing which stone suits your pool area for the best result.

Pool Waterline Tiles

Tiles between interior and coping. Adding a new waterline when renovating your pool is a great idea. Selecting the right tile with pebble interior gives a fantastic contrast and finish.

Pool Equipment

LPR can install any equipment that needs replacing. Whether it be lights, pumps, fittings etc.

Colour Options

Pebble & Glass Interior

... and many more options available.

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