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Pool Renovations

A pool renovation typically involves the process of upgrading or enhancing an existing pool to improve its aesthetics, functionality, safety and overall appeal. This may include repairing or replacing damaged pool surfaces, tiles, coping, upgrading equipment, adding new features such as lighting, resurfacing the pool interior, installing energy-efficient equipment and enhancing landscaping around the pool area. Renovations can range from simple cosmetic upgrades to more extensive overhauls, depending on the client's needs and budget.

Pool Resurfacing

Another service we provide is pool resurfacing. The goal is to get a more aesthetic and healthier pool. It adds immense value to your pool after we replace the old one with a new surface.

Pool Cleaning

Pool cleaning is a necessity to ensure your pool remains safe, hygienic, and inviting. It includes tasks such as acid washing, pressure cleaning,skimming debris from the surface, vacuuming the pool floor, brushing the walls and tile line to remove algae and buildup, emptying skimmer and pump baskets, backwashing the filter, testing and adjusting chemical levels, and inspecting equipment for any issues. This process not only enhances the appearance of your pool but also maintains water quality, prolongs equipment lifespan, and ensures a safe swimming environment for you and your family.

Pool Coping

Pool coping is the material that borders the edge of the swimming pool. It acts as a transition from the pool shell to surrounding areas. Coping comes in a variety of materials such as natural stone,bricks etc, we will assist you in choosing the best material for your pool area.

Pool Waterline Tiles

Waterline tiles are specifically designed and installed at the waterline of a swimming pool. These tiles serve both functional and aesthetic purposes. Functionally, they create a barrier that prevents water from seeping behind the pool shell and causing any damage. Aesthetically, waterline tiles enhance the visual appeal of the pool by providing a clean and polished border between the water and the pool's surface. These tiles come in various materials, colors, and designs.

Pool Equipment

To enjoy your time in the pool, it is essential to ensure the pool equipment works well. Our experienced team can help you with the installation, maintenance, replacement, or repair of pool equipment.

Anytime you need to replace or repair the pump, filter, or chemical feeders and salt chlorine generator, don't hesitate to call us!

Glass Beading

Much like a pebble finish a glass bead interior is visually stunning and extremely durable. The glass beads provide a smooth and premium finish to your pool surface and outdoor space whilst being easy to maintain.


Pebble surface is a popular and durable choice. It comes in a wide range of colours to suit any design style. A pebble interior is sprayed onto the entire surface of the pool and then troweled to create a smooth appealing finish.

Colour Options

Need more color options? Don't hesitate to contact us!

Need pool renovation or cleaning service?

We are your best choice to have a new look for residential and commercial pools in Melbourne since we provide complete renovation services for your pool. We also offer pool cleaning services Melbourne you can hire anytime required.

Get ready to have a new different and updated swimming pool with the latest trend inside?

With years of experience, skill, expertise, and the right equipment, we can lead the pool industry. Our professional experts are ready to give the best service when it comes to pool makeovers and cleaning. Let us make your dream comes true. Just sit and relax while enjoying a cup of your favorite tea, then see the result of our complete pool renovation job!

For our clients, we can do some services to meet the client's needs from pool renovation to equipment installation & replacement.

Over time, your pool surface can become dulled by pool chemicals and weather, reducing the satisfaction of enjoying your pool. If the color of your pool liner seems faded or dull, you may want to consider to choose the best pool resurfacing melbourne service. Lang Pool Renovations can help you. This project depending on the type of pool you have, such as concrete or fibreglass, resurfacing can be a do-it-yourself project. But resurfacing swimming pool is a colossal project so, the best way to fix it is to leave it to a professional service. Contact our pool resurfacing melbourne service to resolve this issue.

Procedure to Do Before Resurfacing Pool

Before resurfacing a swimming pool, there must be several procedures that must be carried out and the process is quite long if you do it yourself. Here's the process that must be done:

• Starting from Emptying the Pool

Best time to do a pool resurface is during the dry season. Renting a water pump will go a long way in getting all the water out of your pool on time. The pool itself must be completely drained before proceeding to the next process to swimming pool resurfacing.

• Cleaning the Pool from Dirt

The surface of the pool must be completely clean of dirt such as leaves, dirt and twigs before the next process of swimming pool resurfacing is carried out. Even the smallest dirt can derail this project. After removing all the elements. It's a good idea clean it with presured water to the pool to remove any algae or stains that may be present. We clean it with pressured water, acid wash, chlorine paste and other cleaning equipment available to swimming pool resurfacing.

• Ensuring The Pool Structure Is In Good Condition

Ensure that your swimming pool structure is in good condition. The type of material from which the pool is constructed may vary depending on the style of the pool you have. If not good, then we will remove the tiles, or the cut the existing interior and replace it.

What Are the Material We Prepared Before Doing Pool Resurfacing

We choose pebbles and glass bead or tiles, which are one of the materials we use to resurface your pool. Because all these materials have their own advantages for the age of your pool.

• Pebbles

Why do we use pebbles? Here is the fact. Interior pebble surfaces continue to be a popular feature in custom pools. If you want to feel the sensation natural oasis in your backyard and less maintenance, you can use pebbles material for your pools. In addition, pebbles are popular because they can blend in with any type of house you have. If you want a different colour, of course this pebbles material has a variety of colours that you can choose as you wish. Although a bit expensive, but can be used in the long term. Pebbles surface has the advantage that it will not absorb pool chemicals, resistant to algae growth and stains with its non-porous texture. Remember to measure the calcium and acid levels in the pool to make it last longer.

• Glass Beads or Tiles

The other material we use are glass beads or tiles. Why we use this material? First they are popular, Can be used for a long time, looks great and stands the test of time. In terms of colour pool tiles give you a brighter colour of your pool water due to its reflection, and it looks amazing. Apart from that there are also many colours and styles to choose from. The texture of this materials are smoother and easier to clean, and no dry or faded look between the waterline and the coping base. When you step into the water and touch the tiles it feels softer and more comfortable.

Why Do You Need the Right Coping Tiles for Pool

Apart from resurfacing, we will also enquire and consider replacing the pool coping tiles. Lang pool renovation are one of the best of installing pool coping tiles melbourne service. Why is there a need to readjust the tile coping? After resurfacing, of course this needs to be done. As you know that good coping will really work in draining the splashed water out of the pool properly, and this can help the pool stay clean longer. Besides being able to function, the right pool coping tiles melbourne service also make your pool look more integrated with the surroundings. The materials that are often used by our pool coping tiles melbourne service are bluestone, travertine and sandstone because of nature, the choice of colours can be adjusted and keeps the pool cool even in hot weather. With the options above, it can be said that the price is in accordance with its function. For the coping style, the tiles can be adapted to the architecture of the pool and your reference. With Lang Pool Renovations get your dream pool now.

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